Rookie Phenoms is the lone insert set in 1994 Leaf Limited Rookies. The set consists of ten card set that was inserted in 1:12 packs and serial numbered to 5000 copies each. Although not technically a rookie card, the Alex Rodriguez in this set is highly sought after. Buyers should beware of purchasing this card "raw" as many copies are known to be trimmed to eliminate damage from the edges of the card.


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Number Player Team
1 Raul Mondesi Dodgers
2 Bob Hamelin Royals
3 Midre Cummings Pirates
4 Carlos Delgado Blue Jays
5 Cliff Floyd Expos
6 Jeffrey Hammonds Orioles
7 Ryan Klesko Braves
8 Javy Lopez Braves
9 Manny Ramirez Indians
10 Alex Rodriguez Mariners

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