Base SetEdit

The 160-card base set is organized alphabetically by team. There are no notable rookies in the base set.

Gold All-Stars Insert SetEdit

This 18-card insert set was inserted 1 in 7 packs and features the starting lineups from the 1994 All-Star Game. The cards are identical to the base set except gold colored and serial numbered to 10,000 sets.


This 80 card set was released seperately from the base Leaf Limited set and features top prospects and rookies. Key rookie cards include Armando Benitez, Rusty Greer and Chan Ho Park.

Rookies PhenomsEdit

The lone insert set in the 1994 Leaf Limited Rookies is a ten card set that was inserted in 1:12 packs and serial numbered to 5000 copies each. Although not technically a rookie card, the Alex Rodriguez in this set is highly sought after.

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