An insert set in 1994 Donruss.


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Number Player Team
DK01 Barry Bonds Giants
DK02 Mo Vaughn Red Sox
DK03 Steve Avery Braves
DK04 Tim Salmon Angels
DK05 Rick Wilkins Cubs
DK06 Brian Harper Twins
DK07 Andres Galarraga Rockies
DK08 Albert Belle Indians
DK09 John Kruk Phillies
DK10 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers
DK11 Tony Gwynn Padres
DK12 Brian McRae Royals
DK13 Bobby Bonilla Mets
DK14 Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners
DK15 Mike Piazza Dodgers
DK16 Don Mattingly Yankees
DK17 Barry Larkin Reds
DK18 Ruben Sierra A's
DK19 Orlando Merced Pirates
DK20 Greg Vaughn Brewers
DK21 Gregg Jefferies Cardinals
DK22 Cecil Fielder Tigers
DK23 Moises Alou Expos
DK24 John Olerud Blue Jays
DK25 Gary Sheffield Marlins
DK26 Mike Mussina Orioles
DK27 Jeff Bagwell Astros
DK28 Frank Thomas White Sox
DK29 Dave Winfield Twins
DK30 Checklist None

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