After redesigning the Leaf set as a premium brand in 1990, Donruss added another set to its stable in 1991 with the first release of Studio. The 264-card set is a significantly different set than the other sets on the market, the set is all black and white portraits with only trivia and biographical information on the card back. The set is made up of ten players from each team (only nine players and one coach for the Angels), three managers, and a header card that was not numbered.


The cards were released in foil packs with 10 cards per pack and 48 packs per box. One box could yield almost two complete sets.

Base SetEdit

1991 Studio Base 097

The 264-card base set is made up of current major leaguers, managers and coaches. The set also included a header card that was not numbered. At the time of release the Phil Plantier RC and Brian McRae RC were hot commodities. The Mark Lewis card (even though it was not a rookie) was also in demand.

More than twenty years later only the Jeff Bagwell and Jeff Conine rookies are particularly notable, but there are a fair number of notable cards from the set due to their photography. There are seven uncorrected error cards but no notable variations or short prints.

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